Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser


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Introducing the Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser – Your Modern and Hygienic Handwashing Companion!

Upgrade your handwashing experience with our Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser, designed for convenience, hygiene, and efficiency.

Touchless Handwashing: In today’s world, hygiene is paramount. Our sensor touchless hand soap dispenser is designed to prevent germs from spreading by eliminating the need to touch the device. Simply place your hand under the sensor, and the dispenser does the rest.

High-Quality Construction: Crafted from durable and high-quality materials, this dispenser is built to last. Its robust design ensures longevity, making it a reliable addition to your daily routine.

Fully Automatic: Enjoy the convenience of a fully automatic soap dispenser. When you place your hand under the sensor, it dispenses the perfect amount of liquid soap, promoting efficient handwashing without any mess or waste.

Sensing Distance: The sensor is sensitive and effective, with a sensing distance of 2-3 inches. It responds quickly to your hand’s presence, making your handwashing experience seamless and hassle-free.

Adjustable Liquid Output: The default liquid output is 1ml (approximately 0.03oz). If you require more soap, simply wait for another 2 seconds with your palm under the sensor, and it will dispense a second dose.

Battery-Powered: The dispenser is powered by 4 AAA batteries, ensuring cordless operation. Replacing the batteries is a breeze; just follow the simple steps outlined in the user manual for a hassle-free experience.


Capacity: 200ml (approx 6.76 oz)
Measurement: 7.4″ x 2.6″ x 3.7″
Net Weight: Approx 0.5lb
Material: ABS
Liquid Output per Time: 1ml
Package Contents:

1 x Soap Dispenser
1 x English User Manual

To maintain the dispenser’s performance, avoid soaking the bottom in water.
If you plan not to use the dispenser for an extended period, turn off the power switch and remove the batteries to conserve energy.
Elevate your handwashing routine with the Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser. It’s a modern and essential addition to any home, office, or public space. Embrace convenience, hygiene, and efficiency every time you wash your hands. Upgrade your handwashing experience today!

Automatic Sensor Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser.  Convenient to use . Prevent germs from touching the device. Fully touchless via sensor.

【Automatic Liquid Dispenser 】

 Made with high quality material, strong and durable. 

Touchless via sensor. Fully automatic. Place your hand under the sensor and the dispenser will work.

Sensing distance. The distance from the sensor to the hand is 2-3 inches. 

The default amount of liquid output is 1ml (Approx 0.03oz). Wait for another 2 seconds with your palm under the sensor, there will be a second liquid dispense.

Before replacing the new battery, please press the power switch of the base, install the new battery, replace the battery cover, and then press the key again.

【Specifications】 Capacity: 200ml (approx 6.76 oz)

Measurement: 7.4″ x 2.6″ x 3.7″

Net Weight: Approx 0.5lb

Battery: 4 AAA Batteries Installation: Table Top Material: ABS Liquid output per time: 1ml

Package Included: 1 x Soap Dispenser 1 x English User Manual

【Notes】 1. Avoid soaking the bottom of the soap dispenser in water. 2. If you do not use the soap dispenser for a long time, please turn off the power switch and take out the batteries.


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