Modern Ninja Dragon Stealth 7 Wireless Silent LED Gaming Mouse


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The Ninja Dragon Stealth 7 Wireless Silent LED Gaming Mouse is an upgraded version for 2020, designed to elevate your gaming experience. Packed with advanced features, this gaming mouse ensures precision, speed, and comfort for extended gaming sessions.

Key Features:

True Gaming Sensor: Equipped with a 1600DPI True Gaming Sensor, this mouse offers exceptional precision and accuracy for competitive gaming.

Rechargeable: It features a built-in power saver chip and is rechargeable, ensuring you’re always ready to play without worrying about running out of power.

Silent Buttons: The mouse buttons are designed to be silent, providing a noiseless gaming experience while still offering tactile feedback.

Breathing Backlit LED: Enjoy a dynamic and stylish look with the breathing backlit LED feature, which adds flair to your gaming setup.

High-Quality Design: With a compact and ergonomic design, this mouse is comfortable to hold, and its measurable weight allows you to customize its feel.

Adjustable DPI: Customize your mouse sensitivity on the fly with DPI settings of 800/1200/1600dpi, ideal for various gaming scenarios.

AutoFire Keys: Experience rapid firing with auto-fire keys, giving you an edge in fast-paced games.

Wide Compatibility: This mouse is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win10, ME, 2000, and Mac OS.

Plug & Play: With intelligent connectivity, you can start gaming right away without the need for complex setups.


Built-in Lithium Batteries (Included)
Charging Duration: 2-3 hours
Resolution: 1600DPI
Buttons: 6 buttons with scroll wheel (Two Side-Buttons, One DPI Key)
Ultra-quiet and Low-friction
Weight: Approximately 125g
Available Colors: Black & White
The Ninja Dragon Stealth 7 Wireless Silent LED Gaming Mouse offers a premium gaming experience with its advanced sensor, silent buttons, and customizable features. Elevate your gaming performance and enjoy hours of uninterrupted play with this high-quality gaming mouse.

Rechargeable X7 Wireless Silent LED Backlit USB Optical Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Built in 1600DPI True Gaming Senor

Upgraded version 2020 with 1600DPI True Gaming Sensor

  • Rechargeable Gaming Mouse – Built in power saver chip
  • It comes with the Breathing Blacklit Led.
  • Buttons: Silent
  • The Latest Wireless Technology
  • Latest Rechargeable Technology
  • High Quality, Compact Design and Measurable Weight
  • Shift Key
  • Strong Acceleration: 15G
  • AutoFire Keys
  • Cool Optical Carving
  • High Precision Positioning
  • Super Wide Roller
  • Non Slip Gel
  • Slim Design
  • High Quality Foot Feet
  • The Built in Weight
  • Ultra-precise Scroll Wheel
  • New Version: High Resolution: 1600DPI
  • Customize DPI Switch: 800/1200/1600dpi.
  • Integrated 3 Level Full Auto Key Setting
  • True 1600DPI Avago Pro-Gaming Sensor
  • Ergonomic Hybrid Shape
  • Power: Lithium Batteries (Included)
  • Duration of charging: 2-3 hours
  • Ultra-quite and Low-friction
  • Resolution adjustable in driverless-free drive
  • Switch Life: 10 million cycle
  • 32-bit ultra-wide data path
  • 4000FPS frames per second (32 megapixels per second)
  • Special Edition for Gaming
  • Ergonomic Both-handed design
  • Buttons: 6 buttons with scroll wheel (Two Side-Buttons, One DPI Key)
  • Most suitable for Laptop user and PC user
  • Optical technology works on most surfaces
  • Intelligent connectivity. no need to code, plug & play
  • Built-weight iron, feel comfortable, mobile and stability
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win10 ME,2000 and Mac OS
  • Mouse Weight: about 125g
  • Color available: Black & White

Package Included:

  • 1 x Wireless Gaming Mouse (Without Retail Box)
  • 1 x Nano Receiver
  • 1 x Charging Cable
Primary Colour

Black, White


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